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The Spot-On Quote Of The Week…

12 November 2010 @ 19:52

…is awarded to Paco, Gumshoe for the VRWC, for having a Come-To-Jesus moment with all of those who think the Left is intellectually bumped-off, bopped, popped, zotzed, chilled-off, kicked-off, croaked, rubbed-out, pooped-out, had their buttons pushed:

…Liberals, ideological zombies that they are, will continue to rampage, preaching class warfare, socialism and moral relativism until someone finds a way to fill their mouths with salt and sew their lips shut. And large numbers of voters, consisting of the congenitally feckless, stupid and bloody-minded, will continue to maintain them in elective office. The country (to borrow from Wodehouse, who was writing in an entirely different context) has gone “blue around the edges”, but those edges include some of our most populous states, and the Pelosis, Boxers and Franks are still capable of doing enormous damage – and let us not forget that the White House is still home to the Grand Panjandrum of statist overreach….

Eggs in the coffee…er, spot-on.

The Left’s rampaging will become even more desperate as they feel more and more pushed aside by we bitter clingers: we few, we happy few, we Stupid Americans.

SIDENOTE: I do not think that we have witnessed the death of Liberalism/Leftism/Progressivism over the past number of years.  The core ideas behind whatever you want to call it were an abortion of humanity from the get-go.  Leftism has always being about destroying, concerned with tearing down and crushing into rubble all of that which is good in life.  It is a deadly delusion that has brought nothing — absolutely nothing — but pain and suffering, wherever and whenever it has held sway.  It is the dark parent of The Culture Of Death.  Adherence to it’s malignant philosophy demands that its precepts not be questioned, that it’s human hosts morph into zombie-like creatures that roam the countryside feeding on the marrow of tradition, morality, and Right Reason.  Leftism seeks nothing less than to turn the world into a massive Atrocity Exhibition in a global Sideshow of Horror.  It never lived — Leftism has always been the undead.

  1. Adobe Walls permalink
    12 November 2010 @ 20:32 20:32

    The left is not dead yet but the smell of death surrounds it. The question is how much damage will they achieve before we’re finally rid of them.

  2. 13 November 2010 @ 09:13 09:13

    An illuminating post-
    Everybody should see this… thus duly linked:
    Perusing the Conservative Blogosphere…

    Your ally,

  3. 13 November 2010 @ 11:58 11:58

    Great quotes and post Bob. I wish we could shut up all the libs forever. Sewing their yaps shut would be a good start.

  4. bobbelvedere permalink*
    13 November 2010 @ 15:12 15:12

    Adobe: I disagree – they are the undead [ie: they were born, adopted Leftism and died, and now that smell you smell is their rotting corpses, filled with the pestilence of Leftism].

    RR: Thank you RR for the kind words and the link love.

    Bunni: I’ll buy the needles!

  5. Adobe Walls permalink
    13 November 2010 @ 17:30 17:30

    I was referring to the Left not leftists the Left have missed their window of opportunity. I can’t say with certainty whether that window closed in 1990 or 1950 but no matter how much power they grasp they must fail. The country indeed the world will have to turn to conservatism sooner or later the only question is what remains to build on, to build with and how many left to do so. The Left’s policies are all incorrect because their basic premises are incorrect.

  6. bobbelvedere permalink*
    14 November 2010 @ 18:54 18:54

    Adobe: Ayn always said that when your ideas don’t make sense, check your premises.


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