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US Soft Fascist Hardening: On The Permanent Emergency State

16 May 2020 @ 15:56

[SIDENOTE: For an explanation of why I haven’t been posting for nearly a month: I have been suffering on and off from a rather severe sinus problem and, perhaps connected with this, I have been suffering from a Bad Writer’s Block.  I think this whole ‘stay-in-doors’ thing has worn on me as well, draining my spirits just at the time I should be fighting the Soft-Fascism that surrounds us — this Black Dog is a biggun’.]

From Mark Steyn’s most recent column, on Thursday instant, a question:

Emergency without end is the staple of almost every futuristic dystopia — and that’s true for real life, too. So Americans shuffle shoeless through the airports for twenty years while their governments negotiate with the very organization that enabled those attacks — the Taliban — to restore them to power. Is a culture that cannot see off goatherds with fertilizer really going to rouse itself to decouple from a global superpower that supplies everything from its crappy “These Colors Don’t Run” T-shirts to its surgical masks and pharmacy medications?

Trumpicus Pompey Maximus promises that he will work hard to Decouple America from the Deep and Dishonorable Dependency we have on Red China, but, I’m sorry, I don’t Trust him or any body of any government at any level to do a full and Complete Decouple.

He talks a good game, but, as Mark points-out: look at the Indecency of his negotiations with the Taliban.  That’s not what we want you to do, Sir.  It seems you’re just an Appeaser, so why should I have any Faith that our Decoupling from The Murderous Barbarian Chinese Communists [thank you Laura Rosen Cohen] will go as far as it must go, which is to say Complete and Total.

Many in America and some in The West have awakened — finally — to the Truth that Red China is the Nexus Of Evil in the World, but not enough.

Even Iran is beholden to these Reprehensible Reds.

Where ever the PRC goes, they Spy and Steal technology and seek to Undermine nation-states.

They are a Major Menace.

One of the few positive things to come out of this Pandemic is the major Loss Of Face the PRC has suffered.  The Red Chinese are Desperately trying to reinvigorate their Reputation through Outright Lies and Bribes.

The Chi-Coms are seeking to purchase US-owned businesses as silent partners, much as The Mafia did in Las Vegas.  The PRC is: nothing but an Organized Crime Organization, seeking Power And Control by expanding it’s territories and spheres of influence.  Unlike the Mafia, however, this fight involves Nuclear, Chemical, and Biological Warfare.

Any Elected Official or LEO with a smidgen of Common Sense would reject any offers from these Murderous Bastards.

The Red Chinese cannot be Trusted — full stop.

What the national government should be doing is preparing to cause the PRC even more Loss Of Face.

But, sadly, we cannot expect that from the current elected officials in charge.

It’s up to us, The Sovereign People, to do what we can.


Non serviam.
Aut mori aut liberos vivere!


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  1. bob sykes permalink
    16 May 2020 @ 18:39 18:39

    The Axis of Evil in the World is the Deep State in Washington, DC. If anything, Americans should support China, Iran, and the Taliban in the hope they might free us from our masters.

  2. 16 May 2020 @ 18:52 18:52

    Perhaps I’m naive, but I think vis a vis China, Trump really wants to get our manufacturing out of there.

    As far as making peace with the Taliban, it’s something that needs to be done so we can get the hell out of there. After we’re gone, then it’s between the government of Afghanistan and the various warlords and the Taliban to keep the peace.


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