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In The End…Watch Out

12 August 2020 @ 15:26

Over st The Other McCain, Stacy points-out this real rift on the Lefthand Side:

Right out of the box, the Trump campaign was ready with a 30-second ad attacking Joe Biden’s VP choice Kamala Harris as “phony,” which shows that someone at Trump HQ has been paying attention to the nuances of African American culture. Because one of the things that caused Harris to lose support in the Democratic primaries was the realization by black voters that, as several have said, “She ain’t us.”

ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery) is a category described by black podcasters Yvette Carnell and Antonio Moore. It refers to the distinction between someone like Barack Obama (whose mother was white and whose father was Kenyan) and someone whose ancestors were enslaved in America. While this distinction may not seem important to most white people, it means a lot to black Americans who have noticed the way in which elite institutions (e.g., Ivy League universities) engage in what might be called substitute tokenism to meet the necessary “diversity” quotas. From the perspective of “diversity” managers, one brown face is the same as the other, but from the perspective of struggling African-Americans, the white system is not doing them any favors by giving scholarships to the children of immigrants merely for the sake of having more brown faces on campus.

Kamala Harris’s father is from Jamaica and her mother is from India. How many African Americans have a mother named Shyamala Gopalan….

Go check out the #ADOS hashtag on Twitter and you’ll discover an extensive discourse on this topic. It’s not coming from Republicans or conservatives, but from black people who feel they are being defrauded by the game of substitute tokenism that Harris represents….

In the minds of many Blacks, Mzzz. Harris is not really Black.  Her ancestors were not slaves and, it seems, owned slaves in Jamaica.

This reminds me of the Cubans who divided themselves into White and Black Cubans.  The former have always looked-down on the latter,

‘Substitute Tokenism’ is Real, a favorite tactic of The Left.  It already, it seems, is leading to a Rift on The Port Side.

Trouble is: The Democrats tend, as Election Day draws near, to put aside their rifts and join together because they perceive the Enemy — us, we True Americans — as the Bigger Enemy.

Please do take the time to click here and read all of Stacy’s post.

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  1. bob sykes permalink
    13 August 2020 @ 06:19 06:19

    Her father, a Jamaican mulatto, was obviously a descendant of Jamaican slaves.


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