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The Times They Have Been Changing: #Election2020

13 August 2020 @ 15:48

…and not for the good, as I pointed-out, in detail, in my book: On The Causes And Effects Of THE PRESENT CRISIS In America [you can purchase a softbound copy for $8.00 here].

As Mark Steyn put it earlier this week:

…Reagan’s America no longer exists and is instead a demographically transformed ruin of mutually hostile tribalisms. At heart, even the hardest of hardcore MAGA optimists knows this will be a close race: As I put it a few weeks back, all we can say for certain about November 3rd is that on November 3rd we will be able to say nothing certain. Round about 8.47pm the networks will fill with a parade of bigshot Dems insisting that we need to “count every vote” and “if they’re so convinced they’ve won, what are Republicans afraid of?”

It is entirely possible (and indeed rather likely) that Trump will win “election day” — that is to say, the in-person votes of those who wander along on a Tuesday to their town halls and school gyms — and that Biden will win the postal votes stretched out between mid-September and whenever the last envelope postmarked November 3rd finally shows up in the mail. Which is unknowable. Which is the point. Which is why the Democrat machine favors such a system.

So, a little after all those calls to “count every vote”, the “mostly peaceful protests” will come roaring back, to be followed by court challenges to the same judges who’ve spent the last four years striking down “Muslim bans” and DACA stays. Three months of chaos — and that’s without China’s bubonic bonus.¹

One question that will be interesting to see the answer to is: Will these ‘mostly peaceful protests’ let up between now and 03 November?

I can see it going either way.

If the Nihilists can be convinced to simmer-down their rioting [and that is a Big ‘If’] it may make more people comfortable with voting for the Joe ‘Hill’ Biden / Kamala ‘Kneepads’ Harris ticket.

The odds, however, are in favor of the Nihilists continuing their Pillaging and Violence right up to, and including, Election Day.  So far they have proven to be very Uncontrollable — maybe Soros can step-in.

That the Mail-In Vote counts will be corrupted is not in doubt.

The key to Trumpicus Pompey Maximus maintaining his conservative positions is for the GOPe to retain control of The Senate.

So there are two tasks before Trump and the GOPe: re-win The Presidency and keep control of The Senate.

Nothing is Assured, but we know that loss of the full Congress will result in The Great Deal Maker™ making deals with a Radical Leftist Congress…and that is not a good thing.


¹ See here [tip of the fedora to Mark].

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  1. 13 August 2020 @ 19:57 19:57

    I reckon then, we ought to get and vote, get your neighbors and friends out to vote for Trump and the GOP ticket.


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