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Fear Is Unsightly

18 October 2020 @ 15:10

Your picture of yourself is a media myth…

Regarding the recent Terrorist Attack in France where a teacher was beheaded by a Muslim shouting ‘Allahu Akbar!’: while it was nice to see the French President call the attack what it was, the most of the Media reported on the attack with mentioning the motive.

Stacy McCain shows the evidence here and, at one point, comments:

…the media will often times bend over backward to humanize terrorists who fit a favored political or ethnic profile, with the suggestion that their motives are legitimate grievances. The media feels compelled to depict certain terrorists (e.g., Dzhokhar Tsarnaev) as sympathetic figures because, they fear, an unsympathetic portrayal of such figures might inspire “backlash” against whatever group the attacker represents….

With apologies to John Foxx and Ultravox…

The newspaper photographs have all come alive!…

I can feel the fear in the Media World

I can feel the fear in the Media World

I can feel the fear in the Media World

I can feel the fear in the Media…the Media World!

[Fear In The Western World by Ultravox]

[PS: The new WordPress interface sucks].

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  1. 19 October 2020 @ 22:21 22:21

    At least, the French gave him the happy ending he deserves.

    Full of lead.

    And yes, I’m tired of the ninnies nattering about ‘backlash’ in justified response to those incidents. It also looks like the reduction in hydrocarbon dependence on the Middle East and possibly the Abraham Accords have seriously cut down on the aversions politicians have for speaking frankly about Islamism. The problem will be cutting back on the Islamist rhetoric.

    • 20 October 2020 @ 10:56 10:56

      Yep, you have to call a spade a spade no matter where they fall on the ethnic or political or religious spectrum.


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