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In The Heart Of Darkness

One of the most reflective thinkers in the Rightosphere is TL Davis, who runs TL In Exile and contributes to the Washington Rebel.

He has a way of cutting through the unimportant and getting to the heart of the matter.

In one of his latest postings, TL writes:

The left are often the most vile, vicious people I have come across. Anyone taking the time to watch some of the footage from the siege of Wisconsin could see that these people who walk around in everyday normal people’s images are truly the most devious, insulting, disagreeable people in our nation. They wrap it all up in a sense of standing up for the little guy and compassion, but just below the surface is a willingness and even a desire to watch the pain and suffering of their enemy.

I know I’m not saying anything earth-shaking or paradigm-shifting, but it needs to be said in order to set up the other half of this post.

While I don’t condone getting down on their level, it is time to get serious about our problems. A typical leftists sees the world as this: People are greedy and will hurt other people for money. Put a mirror up to any of those in Wisconsin and we see why they come to that conclusion, because they know it is true of themselves and then they magnify that to fit their perception of others. The irony is that they then, somehow, excuse themselves from that milieu.

My point is that they have made their misperceptions actionable. They have started to pursue violent means of getting what they want. It is left now to the people to see through them and reject them, or give them credence….

The other half of his post concerns that great mushy middle [my term] that goes through life disengaged from the political actions of the day and how this situation in Wisconsin is a test of our resolve to actually change things – please do take the time to click here and read the whole posting.

That the Left is chock-full of people who are vile, I think, is beyond dispute. We see examples of their noxious vulgarity everyday in the insults and calumnies they hurl at us, in their utter contempt for the ‘Non-Enlightened’ [ie: non-Leftists], in their hatred of morality and tradition, in the way they treat their fellow human beings despite protestations of love for mankind.

These behaviors and attitudes arise out of their Nihilism. The Leftist refuses to accept the world as it is, to play the hand that’s been dealt him as best he can. This refusal fuels Leftist’s manic desire* to remake the world according to the schemes they have developed in the laboratories of their minds, where everyday is sunny and unicorns roam freely over the environmentally perfect and untouched plains, where there is no strife and discord because man has been forced into perfection, where everyone is a god [We are stars / We are golden]. Armed with a deep and abiding belief in these sterile schemes, the Leftist sets out into the world to convince his fellow-men and women [and transgendered] of the brilliance of them. He finds some who agree with him, but most reject him because they see, to varying extents, just how fantastical his ideas are. This makes the Leftist angry. What also upsets him is that he finds that he himself is prone occasionally to think and act like the non-believers do, to fall short. Join those two facts with the fact that, in order to accept Leftist ideas whole-hog as legitimate in the first place one must have a personality that refuses to accept things as they are, and you have a person susceptible to the Nihilist Virus. One could also call it the Nihilist Tantrum – not getting one’s [visionary] way, as the Leftist is also a Narcissist. Thus, this kind of person begins to view life, especially his own, as wretched. Thus this kind of person begins to hate himself, with that hatred, eventually for most, bursting through the skin and being projected towards other human beings in violent ways, both physical and verbal. This is the Vile stage.

Free of any allegiance to tradition and having cut loose from the bindings of morality, the miserable one can easily do and say vile things and rain calumnies down from his turgid heaven.

There are no restraints on the Leftist’s behavior because he has rejected all the restraints demanded of people with Free Will. There are no ties to the shared beliefs that make a group of people a civilization. The Leftist possesses free license to do as he pleases, but, however, as with all things in life, there is a trade-off. In holding free license, the bearer finds that he is eternally miserable because when there is no standard to live up to, no nobility to maintain, no honor to preserve. There is absolutely nothing to admire. All the Leftist is left with his self-contempt and self-hatred, like so many Gollums. He sees everyone as a reflection of himself. And he loathes himself and, as TL wrote, ‘then they magnify that to fit their perception of others’.

And violence at all levels ensues.

If we are going to effectively fight the Left, we don’t have to lower ourselves to their level, as TL points out, but it is very, very important that we know our enemy – what makes them tick – so we can clean their clocks.

*That’s one of the reasons, I think, Adobe Walls
came up with the great term for the Leftists:
‘Manic Progressives’. If you’ve every been
around someone who is clinically manic,
you’ll understand.

[originally published on 17 March 2011]

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