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Keep Your Eye On The Sparrow

As we enjoy the Right’s triumph over it’s work in electing Scott Brown, I think it important that we all realize that the our job, the restoration of our freedoms and liberties, is going to get harder.  Barack Hussein Obama and his radical Leftist minions are wounded animals and, as the saying goes, there is nothing more dangerous than a wounded animal.  Think about it for a moment:

1) So many on the Left in positions of power in government at all levels have spent the past year ruthlessly using their powers to implement their radical Leftist agendas.  They have felt very little need to restrain themselves because they have believed, and continue to believe, that this is their moment, that destiny has called them, as the old song says.  The only restraints they have put on themselves are to muddle the issues by speaking and writing as if what they are trying to do is moderate and reasonable when, in fact, the exact opposite is true.  Their goal is nothing less than a transformation of our Constitutional Republic into a Leftist Tyranny.  The first stage is to create a Command Economy, ie: a fascist state.  Once this is achieved, once private property is totally controlled by various government entities, they will then be able to move to the next stage which is the elimination of private property altogether, ie: a socialist state.  This is what they believe is best for all, that we be ruled by the Enlightened Elites, who happen to be them.  They have THE ANSWER to all the misery in the world, and they believe the majority of us are too ignorant to realize that their way is THE WAY AND THE LIGHT.  They believe we cling to failed ideas and traditions, and to the foolish notion that there are absolute truths.  The Leftists believe in their ideology with a fervor that no nun or monk can match.  Do anything to disrupt their plans, anything to shake their views, and you will incur their unrestrained wrath.  And their wrath is the most vicious kind of wrath because, unlike Christian or Jewish zealots, the Left believes that there goals should be achieved by any means necessary.  They do not believe in a fixed morality.  Everything is relative in their world, except, of course, the validity of THE ANSWER.  The danger now is that we have dealt a hard blow to their plans.  We have become a greater threat.  They are wounded.  We must be prepared for them to strike us without any kind of restraint in all areas.

2) Bewachung auf dem Weißen Haus: Barack Hussein Obama is used to always getting his way and to always being praised as The Golden Child.  He sees himself as The Benevolent But Stern Father President.  We have rebelled, in his mind, like little children throwing tantrums and, therefore, we need to be ‘medicated’ and if necessary, spanked and sent to our rooms.  Do not underestimate the ego and narcissism of this pampered man.  He thinks, really believes, that he is a genius.  The reality, as we know, is quite different.

Mr. Obama is not that bright in a creative way, just skillfully, and he has accepted without question the multi-cultural and Marxist propaganda he was taught in school.  We have all seen the straight A, advanced-placement student who is a straight A, advanced-placement student because he or she is very good at memorizing all the bromides taught in class and able to regurgitate them exactly as those teachers with second-rate minds want to hear them spoken and written.  This type of person actually has come to believe that this is a sign of genius.

He is profoundly bright, skilled, sly, and able to absorb facts like a very efficient sponge, but it appears that he has never really questioned the premises of the ideas that have been fed to him.  Such men are convinced that they are above average in a unique [key word] and outstanding way.  This feeling gets repeatedly re-enforced by the teachers, mentors, friends, relatives, and allies around them.  This type of person has not been challenged nor has had his intelligence questioned in any serious way.  Therefore, faced with no challenges to justify and defend what he believes in, he comes to believe of himself as near-omniscient. That makes this type of person very dangerous to those over whom he has power.

Barack Hussein Obama is finally facing real and determined opposition at home and abroad, his first reaction has been  vengeful anger towards those who challenge and question his actions or motives. This is the kind of reaction one gets from a spoiled Golden Child.  In a child it is hard enough to control, but in someone with the access to such power as the Presidency of the United States confers, it is near impossible to control.

Taking all of this into consideration, I think Quin Hillyer is spot on when he writes that Obama…

…will try to use executive orders, regulatory/bureaucratic edicts, and a corrupt Justice Department to force through leftist changes in all sorts of areas of daily life. In short, he will become more openly authoritarian. This means we are in for some rocky times. This man is playing for keeps, and he is not a small ‘r’ republican at heart. He is an Alinskyite. Power is everything to him. All who believe in limited government must gird up our loins, because (sorry for the cliches) Barack Obama will not go gentle into that good night.

He most certainly will not give up or give in—his type never does.  We’re stuck with the Golden Child for another three years.  Sunt pueri pueri, puerilia tractant [Children are children, therefore, children do childish things].

We are going to have to be extra vigilant and actually increase the number of eyes watching the government.  They are going to become even more determined to usurp the laws.  

Every little action by them will have to be vetted.  When they are caught trying to pull something we have to get the word out quickly via blogs and Twitter and by whatever means are effective.  The burden is on us.  We cannot depend on Fox News or the GOP or any other establishment organization.  We’re on our own; it’s up to us.

[Originally published on 21 January 2010 at 1930]

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