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Leftist Sleight-Of-Hand

Our Bolshe friends are relativists in general and specifically when it comes to labelling themselves, their ideas, and their programs.  Nothing is set in stone for them, just like they regard tradition with contempt and why The Constitution means nothing to them. 

A classic example of their relativistic ways is occurring right now with ACORN.  The name has become radioactive because of the exposing of all of the corrupt, immoral, and illegal activities it engages in.  So, what are the head squirrels doing?  Why they’re claiming they’re dissolving the organization.  But what is really occurring is that they’re reorganizing the structure and changing the name of the group [the Left Coast Rebel has the details here].

A few more examples of their Febrezing:

-It’s no longer ’The Nuclear Option’; it’s now the lovely sounding ‘reconcillation’ [Aww…let’s join hands and sing We Are Family and wander through the flowing wheat fields hand-in-hand!].

-It’s not ‘welfare’, but ‘transistional assistance’ [It’s a helping hand, not a hand-out!].

-It’s no longer the NKVD; it’s the KGB [Now with 50% less power in the electric shocks to the genitals!].

The Modern Left has been able to get away with this sleight-of-hand since Robespierre said:

To punish the oppressors of humanity is clemency; to forgive them is barbarity.

In the Comments Section [#7] of a recent posting by Smitty over at The Other McCain, frequent contributor to that blog and TCOTS, Adobe Walls goes all CSI on the Left [this is worth quoting in full]:

The socialists discovered that Americans understood how un-American their ideology was and renamed themselves progressives. Americans discovered the ruse so they renamed themselves liberals. They in turn became correctly branded tax and spend Liberals or “Radical Liberals” (Spiro was a blunt instrument but sure could turn a phrase). Now they are back to progressives.

The problem with allowing what ever you want to call the left participate in government or the press is that they are literally un-constitutional, in the same sense as 7-Up is the un-cola. For instance I’ve noticed that when one asks any lefty, if it’s constitutional to mandate that everyone purchase health insurance, whether they are in government, the press or are considered a pundit one gets the following answer. They immediately start to explain why it’s necessary for everyone to be in the insurance pool for their insurance reform scheme to work. Not for one second do they consider, let alone address the constitutional question. For the left “The United States Constitution” is a meaningless phrase, mumbo jumbo at best some quaint scrap of parchment from some misty distant past. In short the idea of limits to what government may do exceeds their comprehension skills.

Dead.  Solid.  Perfect.  Adobe’s forensic skills are top-notch.

That posting by Smitty is entitled: Progressives Awaken To The Idea That Americans Hate Progressivism.  In it he looks at an article Salon’s Mike Madden wrote wherein the panty-waisted pundit whines that the Right is demonizing the word ‘Progressive’ in the same way it did the  word ‘liberal’ in the 1980′s.  Smitty, who has been on an eloquence roll lately, slaps Madden upside the head:

Look, Madden, you can put whatever label you want on your collectivist ideology. It matters not. The Constitutional restoration is arriving, albeit slowly, in a great big steamroller, and Progressivism is not going to enjoy much height going down the road.

Right on, brother, right on.

[Originally published 12 March 2010]

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