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Such Are The Times We Live In…

…that many of us see a need to take the time to state the obvious.  Since the Leftist way of thinking has taken hold over everyone’s minds to varying degrees, Common Sense has become less instinctual.

A case in point: Stacy McCain has felt compelled to write a nearly five hundred word posting to prove a simple, straight-forward, and plan-as-the-nose-on-you-face truth: criminals commit crimes.  That’s the short-hand version, here’s a highlight from the longer one:

Contrary to media distortions, criminality is not evenly distributed throughout the population. A small and fairly distinct group of career criminals — recidivists, habitual violators, call them what you will — account for the majority of serious crime in America. This fact was best illustrated in the early 1990s, when transit policy in New York City decided to crack down on subway turnstile-jumpers and discovered that about 15 percent of those apprehended were wanted on warrants for major felonies, including armed robbery, rape and murder.

Murder is simply one end of a continuum of criminality and, therefore, leniency toward “minor” crimes will inevitably result in more murders…

They do.  Look into the vast majority of backgrounds of murderers and you will inevitably find a history of crimes committed, be they felonious or of the lesser variety.  While the petty thief may not commit rape or murder or malicious battery, he is much, much more likely than the non-criminal to do so.  As Stacy reminds us, Charles Manson and also Dick Hickock and Perry Smith [of In Cold Blood infamy] were petty criminals before they graduated to serial murder.

Common Sense dictates that we should be less lenient of those who commit what are commonly considered lesser crimes.

Sadly, Common Sense is the enemy of Leftist thinking.  Therefore, the Progressives have actively sought to suppress it for over a century [to reprogram our neurons not to fire in that pattern, as it were] and they have largely succeeded.  Whereas once we started from the premise that those who commit crimes much be punished harshly, we now have evolved into a situation where it is always the starting premise that crime and punishment are cruel and unusual.

This is another example of the world turned upside down by the triumph of Leftist thinking and it is a major cause of The Present Crisis.

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