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The Triumph Of The Nihilists

In a brilliantly perceptive essay over at The Other McCain, Stacy McCain uses Leftist Lesbian Pam Spaulding’s cretinous essay on Taylor Clementi’s suicide as a stepping-off point for a general rumination on the distortion over the last half-century or so of what constitutes normal behavior.

I would urge you to read the whole thing before continuing on reading my thoughts.

-After correctly demolishing any legitimate justification for the label ‘homophobia’, he launches a justifiable attack on the Conservative Right for having accepted the Left’s rules of engagement on any discussions of normal behavior, especially sexual behavior:

Conservatives ought to be embarrassed by how they have allowed the premises of such discussions – as logic and rhetoric – to go unexamined over the past three decades. The organized forces of sexual radicalism have striven with tremendous zeal to restrict these issues to an up-or-down referendum on “tolerance,” and to define these issues in terms of “rights,” all the while becoming increasingly intolerant of dissent and insensitive to the rights of those who disagree.

Why have conservatives failed to move the discussion away from the same weary arguments about slippery slopes and Heather Has Two Mommies? Why have conservatives failed to examine the ideological premises of sexual radicalism? For indeed, it is radicalism of which we speak.

Indeed, it most certainly is.  It is nothing less than the overthrow, via rejection, of the hard-earned morality of The West.  Conservatives have allowed themselves to become infected with the Progressive disease, a cancer which causes a mutation in the reasoning process.

By ceding the judges’s role, we have allowed the Left to rewrite the rules and thus force any discussion to playout according to their mutations of logic and reason.  On the societal level, this has caused many destructive upheavals in relationships and civility, and, on the individual level, it has caused heartache and tragedy*.  The case of Mr. Clementi is tragic, as he brought his end upon himself.  If he had overcome the perversion of thinking the Left had tried to inflict on his brain [like Stacy’s friend Sooper Trev, who he quotes from, had], he would have never sunk into the depravity that allowed for him to be exploited by the vile creatures who filmed and then exposed him.  He would have not sacrified his dignity [and, I would add, honor].

-Part of the problem, I think, can be traced back to the Kinsley Reports, which as we know now were not proper studies and, in fact, represented the sick fantasies of Kinsley. Trouble is, the Left took his Reports and actively sought to mainstream the findings by slowly inoculating the American people to think that what was perverse was actually what is real/normal and what had for millennia been considered proper behavior was ‘unnatural’.  The infamous phrase ‘let it all hang out’ turns out to have had a much more sinister meaning.

-That the Left has distorted what is normal human behavior should not surprise us at all.  This is what it does to everything it touches.  As I wrote in June of 2009:

…If the Devil’s greatest triumph was that he convinced people he did not exist, the Left’s greatest triumph has been to convince people that the Leftist way of thinking is normal. It is not. It is a perversion of reason and a horribly mutant form of logic. It is antithetical to human life. Nothing but decay and destruction are left [pun intended] in it’s wake.

This hatred of the normal, to me, reeks of Nihilism.  The Collins English Dictionary defines Nihilism as ‘an extreme form of scepticism that systematically rejects all values, belief in existence, the possibility of communication, etc.’ and ‘a revolutionary doctrine of destruction for its own sake’.  The word itself derives from the Latin word [nihil] for ‘nothing’.

I think Stacy defines it very well, as well:

The radical premise is that existing society is so unjust that it deserves to be destroyed, and replaced with a new society organized along those principles acceptable to the radicals.

At the core of the Nihilist soul, it’s root, I think, is a hatred of life itself, in general, and a self-loathing that runs very deep, in particular.  It seems to me that only someone who utterly hates life would desire to tear it all down, destroy it and the institutions which have sprang up from it over time, crushing them utterly beneath the jackboots of their hate and self-loathing [I owe the inspiration for this insight to Dostoyevsky].

* I always follow this definition of the term: ‘a play in
which the protagonist, usually a man of importance
and outstanding personal qualities, falls to disaster
through the combination of a personal failing and
circumstances with which he cannot deal’
[Collins English Dictionary]

[originally published on 01 October 2010]

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  1. tlk244182 permalink
    18 August 2013 @ 14:01 14:01

    Yes, the nihilist hates life. The devil told me how expensive it was to be a Christian (No sex, drugs, or rock and roll, etc.), but he neglected to tell me how expensive it was to be a liberal/humanist/nihilist. In return for sexual license, I surrendered meaning, hope, joy, and peace. In the end, I tried (unsucessfully) the same method of escape as Mr. Clementi. I will pray for the repose of his soul.

  2. Lance M permalink
    16 December 2015 @ 23:15 23:15

    You really are a total nutjob. Are you an old man? Balding? Fat?

    I’ve never met a conservative who wasnt an ugly, old man railing against his own disposability and insignificance. HINT: Everyone is. Stop being such a pussy!

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