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Pathetic Neurotic Hags And Their Allies

There’s a kind of woman out there who can be best summed-up as a human toothache — she is a wretchedly unhappy person who hates her life and wishes to drag everyone she meets down into her fetid emotional swamp.  She exudes an air of dreary and banal poverty of the soul combined with the odor of chronic depressive irrationality that together forms a miasma of constant misery and shabbiness of conduct.  Such a person deeply envies those who are normal, who move through adversity and tragedy and keep on living.  Sometimes this type of woman turns to lesbianism, sometimes to fag haggery.  No matter what road they take, however, their pathetic neurosis follow them.

Margaret Cho and Kathy Griffin are two such women.  They toil in the fields of comedy, but they are not funny.  Real, overwrought anger is not funny except to other neurotics.  That is why their fan base consists of Feminists and homosexuals — the poster girls and boys for frenzied neuroses.

In his latest posting, Stacy McCain looks at what Cho and Griffin have said recently about Bristol Palin directly and her mother, of course, indirectly.  The first word that came to my mind upon reading it was ‘pathetic’.  Please do take the time to read it all. 

Stacy also manages to touch on a few related issues, such as this one:

Can we talk bluntly here? Feminists who claim that “body image” issues are a product of oppressive male patriarchal misogyny are full of crap. Normal, traditional, heterosexual guys aren’t ones telling women they have to be rail-thin to be attractive. I think I speak for a majority of Regular Guys in saying that we evaluate a woman’s attractiveness based on the package deal. It’s more than looks, and even if we are evaluating women on looks alone, the formula “skinny = sexy” doesn’t add up.

There are sexy skinny women and ugly skinny women, and there are big women who are totally hot. Most guys are hesitant to say that out loud, and there’s a good bit of joshing about chubby chasers, but when push comes to shove — er, so to speak — most fellows don’t mind a girl “with a little meat on her bones,” as we say down home.

Beauty comes in all sizes, and it’s not Regular Guys who are driving women to anorexia. The fashion industry isn’t dominated by Regular Guys. The editors of Vogue and Cosmo, the designers and photographers and fashion reporters aren’t Regular Guys. No, the beauty industry is run by women and gay men, and so if you want to point the finger about “body image” issues in the fashion culture, don’t point the finger at the “oppressive patriarchy.”

Dead.  Solid.  Perfect.  It is these types who, I believe, out of a twisted hatred for the average woman, design and promote fashions and cosmetic styles that seek to make women look like mutant freaks in a bizarre sideshow — an Atrocity Exhibition, if you will.  They seek to enforce their sick vision of hatred of human life on females, just as they aggressively seek to figuratively castrate males.  This is Nihilism, plain and simple.

[originally pubished on 06 December 2010]

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  1. Daretuitt permalink
    25 January 2015 @ 10:09 10:09

    I agree the fashion industry is run by women and gay men. I came to this decision long ago when I noticed how the “fashions” turned women into sleek young men prized by gay designers and the dream of domineering, ruthless women. Just look at the models and you see their “ideal.” The models are always rail thin, no body hair and barely any breasts. They always have the look of sullen, smoldering disdain on their faces.

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