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What The Left Really Thinks

Let’s face it: to be an average Leftist is not to be a very smart person.  The only ones on their side who are smart in the truest sense [in that they possess the capacity to think independently] are those criminally minded people who have joined the Progressive Cause with the ultimate desire to wield power over their fellow human beings [see: Stalin, Joseph].  They master the platitudes and slogans and use these tools to build solid power bases.

The rest of the Left voluntarily shutter their reasoning powers away in a tightly sealed box [a Lock Box?] that allows for no seepage of Right Reason and creative thinking into their thoughts.  This is Free Will in action.  When one decides to live as a Leftist, one has to adopt a set of dogmata that one cannot question or vary from, least the Leftist be branded a traitor to The Cause and expelled from The Movement [in the best of circumstances] or be murdered [in the worst case].  In between are harassments, blacklisting, verbal assaults, and physical violence.  This is The Way Of The Leftist.  Everyone who wants to be a member must follow in lockstep with The Enlightened Ones, living and dead, who have crafted the philosophy known as Leftism.  No questioning of the philosophy is permitted.  This is what George Orwell was talking about when he created the 2+2=5 scenes in Nineteen Eighty-Four.  To be a member-in-good-standing of the Left, one has to dumb oneself down.

But one thing they are quite good at is hiding their intentions and what they really think about those of us who don’t buy into their ‘Enlightened’ and Utopian dreams for Heaven On Earth.  The examples abound.

In his book Radical-In-Chief, Stanley Kurtz exhaustively documents how the Committed Socialists and Communists in America went underground after the failure of their direct action movements in the 1960′s.  These America-hating Leftists developed new tactics and strategies for achieving the overthrow of The United States Constitution and the American Culture.  All involved deception, hiding their true intentions behind acceptable phrases and actions.  In other words, their’s was a strategy of pulling a fast one on the rest of us while they corrupted everything they touched.  Their ultimate goal is the ultimate goal of every Leftist: Revolution — the complete and utter destruction of things as they are, the smashing to pieces of Western Civilization.

While the Leftists are very good at hiding their intentions, their Hubris occasionally gets the best of them and they say something in a public situation that pulls back the curtain of deception for a few moments.

Such is the case with now-outgoing NPR Foundation President and Vice President for Development, Ron Schiller who has been caught on camera (1) agreeing with the words of a [fake] Jihadist that the Jews exert a nefarious influence in the media and (2) calling we who oppose the Leftist Revolution in America stupid and — wait for it! — raaaaacist.

Stacy McCain has the video here.

In line with my comments above, former Leftist Roger Simon comments [tip of the fedora to Instapundit]:

…They [the now-former NPR employee Schiller and still-employed Institutional Giving Director Betsy Liley] are stupid. Lost in a delusional world of political correctness, the elders of NPR have forfeited the ability to think critically. They simply can’t see the facts anymore — or don’t care to. It’s too threatening to their limited weltanschauung. Hence, you get idiotic projections such as Schiller’s statement of how dumb Republicans are and how what America needs is more educated elites.

Over at AmSpecBlog, Philip Klein comments:

Eventually, the President of the NPR Foundation and VP for development, Ron Schiller chimes in, saying that Zionist influence doesn’t exist at NPR, but “it’s there in those who own newspapers obviously.”

It’s pretty disheartening how socially acceptable anti-Semitism has become among intellectuals as long as it’s cloaked as criticism of Israel. This is something that Jewish conservatives have warned about for a long time, but our warnings are dismissed as an effort to silence legitimate criticism.

As I wrote in August of 2010:

One of the most disturbing manifestations in the early years of the this new century is the rise of Tolerated Anti-Semitism.

Hatred of Jews for being Jews is always with us to one degree or another — this is one of the sad facts of the world that makes life tragic. So it is by no means unusual for it to exist. What is unusual, and alarming, is when it becomes acceptable for people considered in the mainstream to not blink an eye when it is spouted by their philosophical and ideological comrades.

In the first several decades of the 20th Century this occurred. Slandering Jews for just being Jews was tolerated at all levels of society, as was the blaming of them for all of the misfortunes in the world, and, in fact, seemed required by the elites at their tony get-togethers. Having studied Winston Churchill extensively, I know that he was appalled by what he heard at the parties and soirees he attended. Such an attitude then led to Hitler and Stalin believing that they could get away with their murdering of Jews with relative ease and impunity — and they did until the Western Allied Troops began liberating the concentration camps at the end of World War II and the full horror of what the National Socialist regime had done could no longer be hidden or played down.

Now history is repeating itself in that the slanders are once again being tolerated and encouraged by the Left. It was obvious to anyone with a half a brain that the vicious attacks against the Neo-Conservatives after 09/11 were veiled attacks against those Jews who had created the movement. What gave these Anti-Semites cover was that, by the time they launched their attacks, many non-Jews, having made the move from the Left to the Right, had adopted the Neo-Con ideology [see: Bill Bennett, et. al.].

As the first decade of the 21st Century progressed, however, the Anti-Semitism that had been couched and concealed on campuses, in the circles of the elite, and in the halls of government since the late 1960′s began to emerge out of the dank shadows. This was helped along by the fact that Israel had been successfully demonized in the media. Thus the Left felt more and more emboldened as the years passed.

Emboldened to do what, you ask? To vent their hatred of a people who had held together and survived for several thousand years and maintained their identity, and were now flourishing as they had not for many ages. You see, the Left desires to destroy all such identities and the beliefs that hold them together. It believes that it’s plans for bringing about Heaven on Earth cannot be furthered unless all existing institutions and groups are torn down and smashed into dust. Then, and only then, a Grand Re-Engineering can occur, mankind can be remade it the shape of his Progressive benefactors.

Thus, it only stands to reason that they would reserve a particularly black place in their hearts for a group such as the Jews who have tenaciously clung to their beliefs through pogrom, legal and social discrimination, forced exile, and Holocaust. Adding fuel to the Leftist fire was a rotting envy of the success that Jews had been able to achieve in The West through their hard work and relentless refusal to accept that they were helpless victims — that they took full advantage of what The West, most especially America, had to offer to the person who worked hard and persevered.

The Left now tolerates barely couched Anti-Semitism. It is everywhere in The West. This is not surprising given all that I stated above.

While the Left still feels the need to couch it’s Anti-Semitism using certain buzz words, this incident shows that it has no problem openly and freely expressing it in the presence of their kindred totalitarian spirits, The Mohammedins.

Could this be one explanation?

[originally published 08 March 2011]

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