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The Messengers Of Death And Destruction

Yesterday’s The Spot-On Quote Of The Day was awarded to Chris Wysocki for his spot-on evisceration of the Leftist concepts known as ‘Social Justice’ and ‘Religious Humanism’.  One of his main points was that these two ideas seek to replace God with the state.

Advocates of both concepts claim that they are motivated by a desire to help the less fortunate through government-run schemes that they claim are more efficient and less oppressive to the individual than the traditional religions of Christianity and Judaism.   The truth, as hundreds of millions have come to learn, is quite different.  In the name of these two ideas, over one hundred million people have been slaughtered by those governments that have implemented said schemes and many times more have been enslaved to the state.

In the Comments Section of my posting, Roxeanne de Luca, head mistress of Haemetleft this comment:

What bothers me is not the idea that people don’t need religion (if someone wants to create a system that doesn’t involve religion but is still moral and healthy, go right ahead), but the means by which these people try to accomplish their ends. They don’t try to increase self-reliance, critical thinking, or freedom; they are replacing religion, charity, and family with an oppressive government that confiscates wealth, decreases freedom, and creates dependency.

Not to go all Federalist 51 (which I do a lot), but, if men were angels, no government would be needed; if the government were made of angels, no internal nor external controls would be needed; but in a government of men over men, government must be limited. (That’s the gist of it; I can’t recite it exactly.)


After reading Roxeanne’s words, a thought occurred to me: one of the major problems with Leftist thinking is that the Progressives think they are, indeed, angels — ie: messengers of a god.  A critical component of their thinking is that they believe that they have THE ANSWER, a set of plans to re-engineer society and solve all of the problems of the world — Immanentize the Eschaton, bring about Heaven on Earth.  They see themselves as The Enlightened Ones — The Illuminated who are the only ones gifted enough to see the light in a world enveloped in darkness and ignorance.  All of those who will not ’see the light’ are illiterate, oblivious, degraded, and, therefore, mentally blind to THE ANSWER.

The biggest obstacle for the Left in achieving their ‘noble’ ends is the belief by the non-enlightened in freedom and liberty that arises in their souls as a result of the Free Will granted by God, The Supreme Legislator Of The Universe, as John Adams memorably labeled Him.  This belief does not allow for there being a perfect world and understands that no schematic can be drawn up that will bring about perfection in life.

This fact presents the Left with no alternative but to intrigue and conspire to gain power by any means necessary over their fellow men and then force their plans into action at the point of a gun — the ignorant must be led, by a collar welded around their necks, to the light.  After all, they are the messengers of a twisted vision of God.

What they are, in fact, are the Messengers Of Death and Destruction, ie: Evil, ie: what we personify [anthropomorphize] with the name Satan.

And they and their ideas must be defeated, utterly.



-To Roxeanne de Luca over at Haemet for the link.

-The Classic Liberal for including this posting in his Right-Wing Links posting of 31 March.

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