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The Way Of The Leftist

If you’ve followed this site for any length of time, you have seen a good number of postings regarding the slanders and calumnies being hurled at my friend, Stacy McCain [‘He’s a raaaaacist and white supremacist!’]. If you’ve followed the news at all in the last year or so, you have seen the same being done to Sarah Palin [false charges too numerous to list, but how about that her Downs Syndrome son, Trig, is not hers]. Within a short while of taking the reigns of the Executive Branch, Julius Obamacus Caesar and his toady minions were seeking to intimidate the Right in America using the federal powers at their disposal. And they are not the only ones by any means. This is STOP for the Left.

Is there a grand conspiracy to slander and delegitimize conservatives and libertarians? One is tempted to think so, but this is foolish. Individual and variously sized groups of Leftists are acting this way on their own. Sure, some collaborate on this or that issue or in attacking a right wing group or individuals, but to think that there is some Illuminati-like plot is just ridiculously insane. However, what these Lefty attack dogs have in common is they all are playing from the same figurative handbook: Leftist ideology. And Leftism demands that you crush your enemies utterly. They believe that they have THE ANSWER, and that anyone who does not have faith that they do, is not worthy to survive. They are the truly Enlightened Ones, the Illuminated. Look at any Leftist regime that has ever existed. In the mildest ones, they crush the dignity of the individual; in the harsher ones, they murder them. This is The Way Of The Leftist [I was going to originally phrase it ‘The Way Of The Leftist Warrior’, but that would be insulting all true warriors; the Leftists are cowards, through and through, and have no honor].

The latest example of an attack on an individual of the Right is very well chronicled by Donald Douglas over at American Power. He is the focus of an nasty attack by one E.D. Kain, former proprietor of the vanished-into-this-air NeoConstant, current co-proprietor of The League Of Ordinary Gentlemen, and contributer to True/Slant. If you know Professor Douglas [and I have been privileged to communicate with him and am a faithful reader of his great blog], you know he’s not going to take the slanders and calumnies being heaped upon him lying down. In a posting yesterday, the Prof lays out a winning indictment against the Leftist Kain. A highlight:

That’s a rather interesting quotation in relation to E.D. Kain, a moral coward trying to outrace a secret life of reptilian dishonor and shame, also seeking political resurrection. A man who has broken trust, mine certainly, but also the trust of many other bloggers to whom I’ve spoken. Who knows whose trust he’ll destroy going forward? Indeed, who knows E.D. Kain, really? This is a man (if I can use that noun without discrediting it) who will descend to the most slimy dirtbag techniques to preserve the filthy stealth that is his own life. It’s unbelievable, really, but that’s what’s fascinating about being online. You meet the most despicable cobags who’ll take what they can get, then move on as quick as a thief who steals a candy from children, without a second thought.

In any case, the “Sleaze-Blogger” entry must have must have really hit a nerve because it turns out that E.D. KAIN E-MAILED MY DEPARTMENT CHAIRMAN TO ALLEGE DEFAMATION AT THIS BLOG. So, with this clear attempt at intimidation, there’s not much doubt as to what’s at stake for E.D. Kain. Through intimidation and threats, he’s seeking to shut down this blog and quash the truth surrounding his political duplicity and moral bankruptcy.

Please do take the time to click here and read the whole thing.

My main point of this posting: expect the attacks on we libertarians and conservatives to increase in number and severity as we become more influential. Expect our private lives to be investigated and our views distorted by the many and scattered Leftist apparatchiks out there who already love Big Brother Lefty. Expect them to go for our jugulars, our families, our jobs. The Left believes that to achieve their ends they must employ ANY MEANS NECESSARY. This is S.T.O.P. out of the Leftist Playbook.

[Originally published: 15 dec 09 @ 9:07 am est]

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  1. 04 January 2018 @ 21:55 21:55

    The LEFT are like spoiled children. They demand their own way, think their views are the only valid ones, cannot seem to understand simple cause and effect, short sighted, and use emotion to justify what ever they do. “By Any Means Necessary” is the hallmark of the sore loser who will cheat, steal, lie, and cause harm to others to get their way. They cannot take “No” for an answer so it’s like dealing with a spoiled child. We would all be better off in a world that leaned RIGHT. The Conservative Right plans for future, makes rational decisions, and tends to promote a healthy morality (Judeo-Christian). The RIGHT would build wealth and resources, and plan for the needs of many. The LEFT wants those with wealth and resources to just hand it over to them. Which way is the best? Go RIGHT!!!

  2. patrickofatlantis permalink
    27 November 2022 @ 20:56 20:56

    Leftism hates God, man, truth, rationality, and freedom.
    Most Leftists are Thralls. They get their narratives, slogans, and opinions from their Thought Leaders and not through a process of critical thinking and scientific method. That’s why it is virtually impossible to disabuse them of their mindset.
    All Leftist narratives are false.

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