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Reflections On The Revolution In America

One of my goals here at TCOTS is to attempt to explain how the mind of the Leftist works, a subject I have been studying intensely for some twenty years and to some extent since I read The Communist Manifesto and volume one of The Gulag Archipelago, both when I was fourteen back in 1975. 

During the 2008 Presidential Campaign it became clear early on that Barack Hussein Obama was a radical Leftist.  While the MSM refused to throughly report on his background, many reporters, pundits, and bloggers on the Right did, and what we discovered was chilling.  His campaign successfully took advantage of a friendly media and was able to hide just how far to the Left he had been and was.  A grand coverup took place.  To this day, there are parts of Obama’s past that remain shrouded in a very murky fog.

Since 20 January 2009, committed and radical Leftists have been in control of the Congress and the Executive and, unlike in the past, they have been very open about their intentions to destroy the America the Founders created.  A good number of them had been in the Congress for quite some time, but had felt it necessary to implement their radical policies in a stealth way.  The election of Obama liberated them from this and they began to openly spout their extreme Progressivism.  Since he took office, Obama and his allies in the Congress have managed to engineer a massive demolition of The Constitution.  Many on the Right who refused to believe those of us who were trying to relay the truth of just how radical he was have seen the light.  Some, sadly, still believe that Obama and his allies have their ‘hearts in the right place’, but are just misguided.  These people cling to this false ideal at their own peril and, if they have any influence over others, they are doing them a grave disservice by diluting the very real threat of the Leftists in power.

One aspect of who Barack Hussein Obama is that has stood out is his seeming alienation from the American way of life — his ‘otherness’, as some have called it.  One senses a disconnect between how he views The United States and how the average American does.  While he was most certainly born in the U.S.A., one gets the distinct feeling that he is an outsider.

This is not so unusual a trait in American Leftists.  The more radical ones have alienated themselves from the country of their origin.  But, with Obama, it seems as those he has never been American in his outlook.  Certainly he spent a decent amount of his formative years living outside of this country, but he also has spent most of his life living here.  Perhaps it stems from the fact that his radical and neurotic mother surrounded herself and her son with nothing but radical Leftist outsiders.  Perhaps it is because his committed Progressive grandparents did the same.  Perhaps a small part of his alienation from the American mind arises from his mixed racial heritage and conscious decision to embrace his blackness and reject his white side, which, considering who surrounded him and coddled him, meant that he would adopt the alienation felt by many blacks from American society.  Whatever the cause, Barack Hussein Obama is a stranger in his country of birth.  He does not think like an American.  As Paco puts it so well:

President Obama continues to adopt the stance of an outsider looking in whenever it comes to his own country. That is the reason why he has no problem apologizing for the U.S. – most recently to the President of Mexico.

Some believe that his years living in a Muslim country have made him think like one.  I do not believe that for reasons stated in my posting The Enemy Within.

Paco entitled the posting of his quoted above The Man Without A Country.  I think he is onto something here.  Barack Hussein Obama is a believer in Totalitarianism — that an elite of Enlightened Ones should rule over the rest so that they can engineer Heaven On Earth [ie: Immanentize The Eschaton].  This is the core belief of all radical, committed Leftists.  Such people view national boundaries as a roadblock to the implementation of their schemes.  They desire a uniform world where everyone lives under their enlightened rule.  National boundaries divide loyalties and promote the individual to thinking for himself.  Borders get in the way.  The revolutionaries of the French Revolution, Marx, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, etc., all wanted to export their revolutions to the rest of the world and bring about the elimination of the nation-state.  Radical thinkers like Chomsky and Alinsky believed the abolition the nation-state essential to the triumphing of Leftism.  Obama in his raging narcissism and egotism is of the same mind.  He is a Man Without A Country because he does not believe in countries.  And he especially does not believe in The United States because, as it was constituted, it is the biggest foe of Totalitarianism.  Therefore, in his mind, it must be destroyed and that is why he has been taking a wrecking ball to all of its institutions.

One Ring to rule them all,
One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.

UPDATE at 1359…

Over at Si Vis Pacem, Ran has posted his thoughts on my posting and on our situation.  Please do take the time to click here and read them.

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  1. Malaclypse the Younger permalink
    14 October 2010 @ 04:21 04:21

    When you miss the forest for the trees, adding a new perspective may reveal a path though the fog and out of the maze.

  2. Malaclypse the Younger permalink
    14 October 2010 @ 05:03 05:03

    Oh, by the way, I forgot. I am sure you are aware but your readers might not:

    Did you know that politically the first guys labeled as being part of the left wing were those supporting a Republic during the French Revolution in contrast to the “right wing” Monarchists? That was about 60 years before there even was a Communist Manifesto.

    It is also interesting that the “America of the Founding Fathers” is based on ideas and ideals rather similar to those of the French Revolution, foremost both being inspired and shaped by the philosophic Englishment movement of the 18th century. Indeed the American Declaration is a highly progressive document, as such was the whole act of becoming independant. The concept of Seperation of Powers is a cornerstone of this back then progressive concept of a non-abolutistic national state.
    Not to mention that during the first half of the 19th century the concept of a national state was one of the “Leftists” in Europe, it was tied to the hip to the demand of constitutional governments in contrast to absolute monarchies. French, German and Polish national movements, often carried by student leagues and left wing intelligencia, were both, progressive as well as supportive to the idea of a national state; quite in contrary to your deiceitful attempt to through the French Revolution in a lot of Marx and Lenin and Stalin. (By the way, since you claim to know the Communist Manifesto, you should be well aware that Lenin’s and Stalin’s concepts of “Communisms” had eventually little to do with what Marx wrote about.)

    Final two remarks:

    1st) When Obama is on the radical left spectrum, I’m keen on learning where you’d put all those European country with social health care systems? Is the UK a communist country?

    2nd) Just a little orthographic correction: The guy’s name was Echnaton/Achenaton (or Amenhotep IV at birth), not Eschaton.

  3. Estase permalink
    02 April 2011 @ 15:08 15:08

    Hey Malaclypse,
    You are obviously what the great Michael Savage calls a Red Diaper Doper Baby, which means that you have some education, but are totally turned to Marxist idiocy. Montesquieu is not the same thing as Marx. And the American Constitution is a document based on the English Enlightenment, not the whacked-out French writers that Marx was so fond of. Lay off the bong hits.

    • Cetan Cik'ala permalink
      06 November 2014 @ 08:09 08:09

      Ummm…no. The constitution was a ripoff from Haudenosaunee “Great Law of Peace.” Furthermore, the Iroquois found Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson to be “easily impressionable.” You are colonizers on someone else’s land. You got the land by murder and theft. How proud you all must be of yourselves. Consequently, we are the true civilized People, and you are the savages.

      • thecampofthesaints permalink
        06 November 2014 @ 09:27 09:27

        And you, fellow Injun, are insane.

        Respectfully, Bob Belvedere 1/16th Cherokee

        On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 8:09 AM, The Camp Of The Saints wrote:



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