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‘Busing To Achieve Racial Desegregation’?…Never Happened?

12 July 2020 @ 17:09

I was but a young lad in 1971 when Busing To Achieve Racial Desegregation was Imposed on the City Of Boston by Federal Judge W. Arthur Garrity Jr.

As I wrote in THE PRESENT CRISIS¹ [Chapter 4: The Triumph Of Leftist Thinking]:

Forced Busing pitted neighbor against neighbor by forcing the races to exist together under terms not dictated by the people, but by Judges and Bureaucrats, distant from the people, if not by actual, physical distance, then by experience. This Dictatorial Despotism [‘we know what’s better for Race Relations then you do’] ended-up causing the phenomenon of ‘White Flight’, where, to protect the quality of their children’s education and safety, White parents removed their children from public schools and placed them into private [mostly Parochial} institutions away from the hands of an Unfeeling, Uncaring, Busybody Government [made-up of mostly Judges, in this case, who were acting way outside of their Enumerated Powers, but who were heartily cheered-on by the Social Engineers]. Children were torn out of the neighborhoods they had grown-up in and were familiar — and, therefore, comfortable — with and sent long distances to often dangerous neighborhoods.

Very few people disputed the fact that schools in minority neighborhoods of this time were, in too many instances, not providing the same quality of education as those in predominately White ones [a situation created by mostly Democratic Machine Politicians, by the way]. Instead of working to correct this problem by striving to improve the quality of education in the affected neighborhoods and, further, allowing the races to continue to naturally come together at their own speed [as they were doing], the advocates of forced Busing decided to compel the races, at the point of a gun, to mix with each other.

In this case, the Social Engineers decided to experiment on those on the low-end of the economic ladder — a pattern repeated over and over in History, fueled by the basic Leftist belief that such people are ignoramuses and, thus, are (1) easily manipulated and (2) not worth as much to Society [that whole Leftist disbelief in the Inherent Dignity of Man rearing it’s ugly head again here] so they can be experimented on without having to worry or care about the effect of their Re-Engineering on these types of people.

The result of this ‘grand’ experiment was that at least one generation of young people was deprived of proper educations and, most importantly, the progress in Race Relations was setback by decades.

These days, urban schools are a disaster and a big part of the reason for this is because the horrible legacy of forced Busing To Achieve Racial Desegregation lives on.²

Now comes the ‘Black Senate’ of the University Of Pittsburgh demanding the following, according to a report from Mike LaChance of Legal Insurrection.

The demands range from curriculum to hiring and firing policies.

Chrissy Clark of the Washington Free Beacon notes the impact on free speech:

Activists are demanding that the University of Pittsburgh fire any employee deemed racist or discriminatory by students, a move that First Amendment advocates say amounts to the elimination of academic freedom.

Black Pitt, a coalition of black student groups, is demanding that the university fire any employee dubbed “racist” by a black-only student council and end employee speech immunity, a core principle of academic freedom and First Amendment protections for academics at public universities.

“Faculty and staff with one incident or complaint of racial bias, excessive force, or unlawful arrest/detainment should be terminated and banned from the University campus immediately if found at fault,” the letter reads. “During the time of the investigation, the faculty/staff should be disclosed by name and banned from the University campus until its completion.”

There is much more to this, however.

Their letter begins:

To Whom It May Concern,

The following document consists of an action plan curated by the undergraduate, Black student leaders of the University of Pittsburgh. As members of the Pitt community, we are exhausted mentally, physically, as well as emotionally. Each day we find ourselves overcompensating to make up for the University’s failures at combating racism on campus, in the classroom, and amongst students. In light of recent events, we find ourselves at a pivotal point in time. A point in which change must occur in order for the University to progress forward. A point at which the University must take a stance in solidarity alongside its Black students. A point in which the University must reflect and examine its own racist foundation as well as the impacts of systemic racism on business matters and everyday duties at the University of Pittsburgh.

The letter drones on-and-on-and-on, demanding more of a focus on the ‘Black experience’, ‘Mandatory race-based training for faculty’, complaints of Raaaaacist behavior to be investigated by a ‘People’s Voice committee’ [Trotsky and Beria would be sooo proud], Sever ties with Pittsburgh City Police Department’ [of course]

There’s more detail in Mr. LaChance’s post here, including The Pitt’s full letter.

One item really hit me:

Create a space, aside from the BAS office in the William Pitt Union, on campus solely for Black students to congregate. The Black student body would prefer a location in Posvar to keep us connected to the Africana and African Studies Department.

Sooo…these Ignoramuses want to Re-Segregate.

Sooo…all the pain and suffering experienced by Boston, Springfield [Massachusetts], Kansas City [Missouri], Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Nashville, Pasadena, Prince George’s County [Maryland], Richmond [Virginia], Wilmington [Delaware], Indianapolis, et al was for nothing, because now Blacks want to Officially Separate themselves.

Oh joy!

Another proof that Leftism is a Serious Mental Disorder.


SIDENOTE: Speaking of Legal Insurrection, run by Professor William Jacobson…

The Prof is under Serious Attack at his Cornell Law School.  See here and here.  And please do whatever you can to help The Prof.


¹ Paperbound copies of which may be obtained here or here for $8.00 at Amazon.

² I also wrote in the same Chapter a few years ago:

On a wider scale, the Left In America has launched an all-out offensive against the Second Inaugural Address of Abraham Lincoln and his Humane, Moral, and Just policy of Reconstruction. Their policy is — though not as violent [yet] as that of ISIS and the Taliban — to ‘blow-up’ all of the symbols of our History.

The Left In America’s figurative ‘blow-up’ has become Real.

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  1. Adobe_Walls permalink
    12 July 2020 @ 20:09 20:09

    Violating the right of association was never going to produce a desirable result

  2. Obama's boyfriend permalink
    12 July 2020 @ 20:12 20:12

    I am always amazed by the Leftists belief in “magic soil” theory. That blacks benefitting from the magic of sitting next to whites academically. That illegal alien from alien cultures with vlaues opposed to America will become great Americans by virtue of setting foot in the US.

    Will my 5’9″ son have a chance in the NBA just because he sat next to a black? Will an Asian be a great dancer because he shook hands with Fred Astire? Will I be a fantastic chess master because I soke with a Russian Grandmaster?

    Leftards think so. No one else but the idiot class can believe this bs. Hence our urban cities are diasters.

  3. Jim Breacher permalink
    20 July 2020 @ 18:38 18:38

    John Derbyshire best sums up these discussions.
    Blackety black black blackety black.


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