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Welcome To The Jungle – Part 666

26 October 2020 @ 17:34

Tal Bachman has proven himself to be one of the most Insightful commentators on the present scene.

His latest essay for Mark Steyn Online may be one of his best. I urge you read the whole thing here.

I’ll just comment on one portion of it…

Mr. Bachman writes:

…Cult Democrats and passive, pencil-pushing, status-quo-worshipping, RINO desk jockeys transformed those agencies some years ago into politicized, increasingly lawless and autonomous militarized bureaucracies which play a double game of publicly invoking the authority of the United States for their legitimacy, even while privately flouting that very authority by manipulating evidence, lying to FISA courts, illegally spying on American citizens, hiding exculpatory evidence, hiring and retaining corrupt agents, framing the innocent, defying the orders of a sitting president, and even refusing to arrest preferred politicians no matter how brazen their crimes.

The Department Of Justice and the FBI have become nothing but creatures of The Estblishment and The Left In America.

They are a joke…and I would be laughing heartily if this wasn’t Undermining The American Republic.

As I wrote in my book, <b>One The Causes And Effects Of THE PRESENT CRISIS In America</b>:

…We no longer live in The United States, but, rather ‘the United State’.

When you have the whole of the national government — the Executive, the Congress, the Judiciary, and their Administrators making laws at will, the Several States are denied representation in the running of the Federal Government.

When you have the four branches of said Government overturning laws passed by the Sovereign People’s Elected Representatives in the Several States, they are reduced to being nothing more than administrative units — ‘branch offices’, as it were — for the national government, unable to exercise the Sovereignty granted to them by their own citizens.

Most importantly, when every part of the Federal Government is able to make laws, Checks and Balances, as properly understood and desired, are no longer possible. The only check on any single one of the four branches is the Power And Control the other ones, singularly or collectively, can use against the individual branch when it disagrees with it’s proposed law-making. In other words, Raw Power now governs the operations of the national government. And the People – who are the Repository of Sovereignty – and the governments they have instituted at the state, county, and local levels, are denied any exercise of their Sovereignty.

This is Tyranny.

A Unified State, such as we live under now, can never be Governed, can never be Controlled, properly.

A Unified State is, by it’s very Nature, an Arbitrary State, where the Whims of those in Power And Control reign supreme.

An Arbitrary State means that every element of it will be Subjective and Dictatorial and Erratic. When the Law is haphazard, subject to the Whims of it’s Enforcers, what is required is ‘the necessity of a police state’, because no such laws can be implemented or maintained without resorting to Repressive Measures.

So, the Several States have been stripped of their Delegated Powers and the Will of the Sovereign People has been denied – both by the national government.

Therefore, the Federal Government has lost any claim to Legitimacy.

We owe it no allegiance, nor, if we are to consider ourselves Virtuous, can we offer it any Support or Sanction….

Without The Rule Of Law, none of our freedoms and that Ordered Liberty we hold so dear are safe.

The Republic The Founders gifted to us, The United States Of America, having endured Relentless Onslaughts by the Ideologues for over a century has finally been Destroyed. The siege has been successful, and we are now Subjects of a United State, where Power And Control lies not in the hands of The Sovereignty [ie: The People], but in the hands of those Tough and Ruthless and Determined enough to have muscled their way in to positions of Power And Control The Tyrants have made their big move: have we the Will to counter it and their Will To Power?

This is a story of Contempt, you see.

Contempt for the Law. Contempt for The Constitution. Contempt for Western Civilization. Contempt for the Inherent Dignity of Human Beings.

The Left has Contempt for every aspect of Western Civilization,
but too many on the Right refuse to acknowledge this fact. This
is how Civilizations fall and dark ages arise.

[from Chapter 4: The Triumph Of Leftist Thinking]

SIDENOTE: Apologies for the stinky formatting. The new Word Press Editor sucks.

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  1. eamon permalink
    27 October 2020 @ 13:06 13:06

    I guess we should be thankful for Clinton, Bush and Obama, for without them we wouldn’t have Trump.

  2. 27 October 2020 @ 14:39 14:39

    For all his faults, and who can say they don’t have any, Trump has actually tried to roll back the regulatory state, appoint originalist jurists to the federal courts and give states back their sovereignty.

    People on the left say he’s a lawless president, but that flies in the face of evidence. Whenever he has signed an executive order and a federal judge has put a stay on it, Trump has acquiesced.

    I’m just hoping Trump can beat the margin of fraud and win this again, as well as hold the Senate and possibly retake the house.

    • 27 October 2020 @ 16:40 16:40

      Methinks, beating the Fraud Margin is going to be tougher this time.

  3. 28 October 2020 @ 04:58 04:58

    The new WordPress editor does, indeed, sucketh very mightily.

  4. Jonb permalink
    28 October 2020 @ 06:35 06:35

    All downstream from Republican support for mass immigration. Remove the immigrant vote and this would be a blowout. P.S. – you have to laugh at conservatives and members of the Republican rank and file who call people like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney “RINOs”, they’re not the RINOs, you are – they’re what the Republican Party actually stands for.


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